The Larger Blessing

Most people never realize there is more than where they are. There is a next level, a next
step, and next blessing. Our human nature loves comfort and that’s where we choose
to stay. For many people, once they receive a revelation, they choose to stay at that
revelation for a lifetime. That is where some have built a denomination and church and
chose never to change. God is not only in your present but God is also in your next
minute of life. God is progressive. Being progressive will always keep you at the cutting
edge of your next blessing.

People feel comfortable in their known routine rather than being in the turbulent waters
of change. In the Gospel of John we find Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother who was a
convert of John. In John 1:29 – 30, we find John the Baptist saying these powerful
words: “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! This is He
of whom I said, “After me comes a Man who is preferred before me, for He was
before me.”

John the Baptist was the revelation of his day considering the ministry he had. When
he saw Jesus, he announced that Jesus is The Lamb of God. Andrew must have been
confused as he looked at the prophet who was his mentor and now looking at Jesus.
Andrew also was a significant progressive man to change that instant from following
John and now following Jesus. In John 1:37 the word says: “The two disciples heard
him speak, and they followed Jesus”.

Jesus saw the obvious hunger in Andrew and the other disciple and told them to follow
Him. Andrew became so excited that he told his brother Simon Peter, and now Simon
Peter ran to see Jesus and he found the Messiah.

The key principle is this: Are we willing to leave the blessing we are in to receive a
larger blessing? Or, is it easier to call the new move one of fanatics rather than to
leave our comfort zone to flow with God’s new thing?

Isaiah 43:18, 19. God’s Word insists not to remember the former. Remember, in my
simple understanding, means do not camp down in the past. Do not consider the things
of old. The old is thus not an option. God clearly says I will do a new thing. A new
thing? Something is only new if it has not existed. One track from the past does not
make something new. The new has no tracks. Tracks belong to those that had previous
existence. God does not renovate the past and call it new. He does new things.

Andrew made the transition from John to Jesus in one glimpse. Once the next revelation
exists, yesterday is out of date. John looked good until Jesus arrived. John was the
maximum you could have hoped for until Jesus arrived on the scene. It was John that
announced Jesus. Use your current revelation and conviction to lead you to the next.
Use your current to become a springboard into the new.


  • Having a spirit of progressiveness on you, you will not stay where you are.
  • Even if you cannot imagine something bigger than your previous, accept it without understanding there is better waiting on you. Faith will get you there.
  • Andrew never thought beyond John, but when John announced Jesus, Andre embraced Jesus.
  • God brought you to where you are to prepare you for next.
  • Yesterday’s revelation that revolutionized you will be ordinary today.
  • Never ever become reluctant for change. Your thinking can not go where God already plan for you. He can do what you cannot think.
  • Enjoy your current blessing, but tell your flesh you are leaving soon to embrace the next.
  • God is greater and that is why we are destined for greater.
  • God has no end and no beginning. Why do you want to end?
  • Be like Andrew, move forward with Him.

If CHANGE is your lifestyle, a spirit of progressiveness is upon you. If comfort is your
current zone, your river has become a reservoir with no flow at all. Leave John and let
him go, the GREATER GLORY has arrived, JESUS!!!


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