Hunger After God

Dear Friend,

Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” 

The word that catches my eye is the word “hunger.”  Our main focus is always to be blessed, but the gateway to the blessing is through hunger.  Blessed are those who hunger.  Hunger occurs in the absence of something.  Hunger always reveals itself in the presence of a vacuum.  Without God we live in a vacuum and nothing of this world can fill that vacuum.  Men were made in the image of God, and men have a natural desire for God.  The intensity of your hunger has a lot to do with the measure of your blessing. Hungry people do not easily complain over the one plate of food coming their way.

Humanity tries to fill this hunger vacuum with embracing anything, and call it, or that, god.  Objects seen as god will never fulfill that vacuum.  A hunger after righteousness will be a hunger fulfilled.  I see a fresh appetite amongst people that indicate something good. A hunger for the real.  Hunger is a motivating factor.  Hunger moves you to the place of fulfillment.  Hunger brings back focus, for as long as hunger reigns other needs will stay unattended.  Pray that God will help you to keep your hunger for righteousness at a high level.

Righteousness is what God is.  When we desire right standing with God almighty we sure are in for a treat.

When you carry abundance of food with you to deserted places, especially in third world countries you will have a crowd.  The crowd is driven by hunger for what can keep them alive.  Hunger that is not fed, can lead to a certain death. 

The human race hunger after something, and in the process gets fulfillment in the wrong things; but once things were obtained the hunger is back. That is why people that have the wealth of the earth in their portfolio still become suicidal.  Money and things cannot fill the hunger humanity has.  The hunger of man is a desire after God and we need to direct the hunger in people in the right direction.  The ultimate goal is the blessing, but the blessing is hiding behind the word hunger; the hunger we refer to here is a hunger after God. 

Spiritual hunger makes the following contributions:

  • It produces a desire to see a hurting humanity helped, which serves to identify the need of the hour.
  • It motivates people to move toward God and all that are right.
  • It promotes the recognition that a signal is being given by the Holy Spirit for a new season of God to begin. It causes us to long for things of God that is not present in our lives to fulfill that hunger.  

Your hunger is a sign of a table being set by God and the joy of fulfillment to be embraced. The hunger in you for the thing God has ordained you for will get you there.  Hunger brings forth an automatic search for fulfillment.  Do you hunger enough to ultimately embrace your destiny in God?  Do you walk after your fulfillment?  I urge you to search one more time for He is about to fulfill your hunger.

Our hunger after God is for what He is, His lifestyle, His character etc.  Hunger after God will finally bring you to the point of being blessed and you may find yourself satisfied in all other areas of life.   He is the source of life, and once blessed by Him all aspects of life becomes fulfilled. 

Hunger more for that is your roadmap to the ultimate blessing – God.

Andre van Zyl.



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