March, 2012


Dear GNN Partner,

I assume the Lord’s hand is upon you, and you are still proceeding strong in Him. Together, with many others, we are all so fortunate to live the life of fullness in Christ Jesus.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, we see the impossible.  Nothing pleases me more than to see how this Gospel touches ordinary people in everyday life.  Let us never become so excluded from where the greatest majority of the world’s population lives.  This Gospel is desperately needed in the valleys and obscure places where they live.  Let us always be His extended hand to these people in need.

Here in the USA, the Lord is doing the impossible.  A week ago, the Lord healed people, and I am still receiving healing reports two weeks after the meetings.  I invite all of our dear American friends, in so many cities and states, to join us. There is a fresh excitement in the air. You will find the schedule on our ministry web at


You are one of a selected group that receives this letter.  It is directed to you for your stand in a partnership with GNN.  I always feel I am in debt to you.  Your giving is something we will never take for granted.  You are precious to Him, and we are extremely honored that you chose GNN to release your financial seed. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES.  I look forward to receive your prayer requests.


So many times, we try to offer a solution when, in all honesty, we do not know the answer.  We embrace the thousands of answers presented by man in how to, when to, and what to do, just to find out it did not work.  There comes a time that we need to admit we need the God for the impossible.  Man’s ideas are falling apart these days. Believers realize that unless something super natural happens, our challenges will not go away.


In Ezekiel 37, God placed Ezekiel in a valley of dry bones asking if these bones could live again.  To say the least, it is amazing that God asks such a question to man.  The valley speaks of history and the past.  The bones speak of lost hope, dreams, opportunities, seasons etc.  Why will God go back into the past and expect Ezekiel to prophesy life into what is history? Why would God think of resurrecting the past?  How could this ever make sense?  How could God expect man to embrace such a thought?  It simply goes beyond our human thinking.  The truth is; we have lost complete understanding of who God is.  He is a God that has the ability to amaze beyond our understanding and what makes sense.  It is beyond explanation. Yes, the world of the beyond is where He took Ezekiel. Do you have challenges you feel are beyond the world of the possible?


The question to Ezekiel was, “Can these bones live?”.  Ezekiel did not answer yes or no but said, “You know”.  Let us admit that we do not know.  Ezekiel would have loved to impress the Lord by saying yes to God’s question.  This time Ezekiel admitted that only God knows.  The fact is; God knew it was a convincing yes.  This gives us hope.  The things we doubt, or simply have no answer to, is the very thing God is ready to do.  God asked Ezekiel questions about a world of bones he has never entered.  We must admit that we simply do not have the answers, and that is when God steps in.  He took Ezekiel back to revive history and make it current. Make it current?  Make it relative again?  Bring yesterday back into the now?  Yes sir, that’s my God.  He wants to take your past and lost seasons and make it current again.

Not only can God forgive our past but He even has the ability to take our lost dreams and seasons and bring them to the present.  The valley, in a certain sense, was a museum of the past.  A museum is a place that carries evidence of the past.  Bones are the evidence of a nation that once existed.  God was ready to bring back that nation.

You and I may have failed in the past, but by His grace, God has the ability to revive past missed opportunities and give them back.


God can give your lost dreams and seasons.  Things you missed in your twenties and thirties can be revived in your fifties.  God expected Ezekiel to prophesy to people that lived many years ago to come back and relive life. This is amazing, incredible and mind boggling.  Your God is so powerful that He can not only restore your current life but recapture lost opportunities of the past.  Jesus resurrected Lazarus who was already dead for four days.  In Ezekiel 37, God resurrected people that were dead for even longer periods of time.  We serve a scary good God.


We live in times that unless it can be reasoned, it is not God, and if it cannot be reasoned, it cannot be accepted. We are all dead wrong. God is the God of the impossible!  The word impossible only exists in our natural world.  The word impossible does not exist in the heaven for heaven does not know such word. In our world of limits, borders and boundaries, the word impossible does exist.  In heaven you will never hear the word impossible. In God’s world, thinking is not a limited experience. For God enters our world and tries to find people that dare to believe in the impossible. God found in Ezekiel the man he was looking for.   Through our impossibilities God will reconstruct our environment by doing the impossible. He needs our valleys of limited boundaries to demonstrate His unlimited abilities of who He is.  Your valley is the greatest moment God has waited for.

Man never walked on water.  Peter asked the Lord if he may walk on water. What did Jesus say?  Yes!  Yes for the impossible.  Peter knew man could not walk on water, and that is why he asked.  Jesus never asked anyone if He could walk on water. Jesus has no limits to where He can walk.  Jesus operates in the world where the word impossible does not exist.  He gave Peter permission to walk where it was previously impossible.  Man can achieve the impossible if we can believe He takes us there.  Ezekiel would have never gone to the valley by himself.  Verse one mentions that the hand of the Lord came over him and put him there.  God loves to expose us to the world of the impossible by showing us how it is actually possible.


Ezekiel prophesied an army emerging from the valley. Army?  Yes sir, army.  The one key thought emerging from an army is the word, protection.  Your greatest protection will come from your greatest valleys.  This is what I call a WOW thought.  My greatest defense can come from my lowest places.  The word says they stood on their own feet.  God will bring slain things to a standing position. Unless you stand, you cannot defend yourself.  They stood on their own feet by themselves with no help.  Rejoice! Your days of being slain and defeated are finally over.


In my life, I always remember nuggets of truth.  One nugget, or as some would say a “one liner”, is the way God speaks with me.  One phrase, one word, or one thought is God speaking to me.  Let us now divide the above said in nuggets to remember. Valleys are not a “no go zone” but a “go back zone”.

•Valleys are a chest of hidden possibilities

•Valleys are an opportunity for God to prove His power.

•My valleys will become my second chance.

•Nothing is lost and forever gone unless God says so.

•With God in my life, I just abandoned the word “impossible”

•My defense and security is in my lost dream

•My valley is God’s ground to show His Glory

•My past humiliation will become my present promotion and honor.

•God’s breath will move the unmovable and make stand the slain things

•Wasted year’s is not my song anymore for He gave me a grip on my wasted years.


On my recent mission to Southern Africa, I had an interview with 15 new pastors that we will help to establish a church within the next few months.  This will be done through tents.  Thank you for praying.  Remember:  Every church we neglect to plant, or start, is a vacuum we leave for the enemy to fill it with a counterfeit. Let us leave Satan no space to operate. Church planting is the only way to effectively capture the earth with the Gospel.  It is the New Testament way.


Louis Pienaar is our tent plant field coordinator.  He also oversees the New Beginning rescue center and all other ministry aspects concerning Africa.  Louis is currently working on all our new church plants.  We also plan to complete a smaller steel structure for a church for Pastor Agnes.


Report from Merle Ray: “Dear Pastor Andre, I thank you greatly for your recent donation to our ministry for abandoned children and babies.  This week I bought groceries with a realization.  Unless the Lord supplies, we will not be able to take care of all our children this month.  As soon as I said that, your mail came in for another financial blessing towards the kids.  I am in awe of the Lord’s timing. Thank you for thinking of us as we are challenged to feed our hungry children.   I am now aware our children are on His budget and stand amazed at His provision.  I thank you and GNN for your generous gift.”


This is a rescue place for 1,100 plus people from all walks of life.  I can never tell you in an effective way what the Lord is doing here.  Three thousand meals a day are needed to make this center a success, and it is happening.  The most torn apart people you can ever imagine live here.  We have just reached out to this center and provided much needed help.  Make sure you go to our new web site at for more information on New Beginnings.  It is such a joy to see how The Holy Spirit is restoring people that some people will not even give a second chance.  His love is a burning fire that consumes people back into Heaven with no difficulty. When you see this, you see passion in practice.


During my recent visit to South Africa, I also ministered at this school where approximately 700 pastors are in follow up training.  What a time we had.  It is amongst this group of people that we released and helped plant more churches. We are also in need of extra training.  We are now busy printing training material and should have this available soon. I will be back at this school within two months’ time, and I am looking forward to work with these dedicated men and women. See more comments below.


This is not a theological school.  It is a school for all who are interested in an effective walk with the Lord.  It is fresh and for all people.  It will help you hear the Voice of God again and learn how to please Him more than ever before.  This School of the Supernatural will be presented in eight classes with practical application during training.  I plan to introduce this to many churches and will also make it available online.   We will update you constantly.


Pastor Deon van Staden is an incredible help to GNN at the moment.  He is helping us with all our video editing material for Africa, and the printed material for the School of the Supernatural.  Deon also assists greatly in the general preparation of many other books and booklets for our partners and training in general.  Pastor Deon will also assist in training once all our materials are ready to go.  Pastor Deon could also travel with me to Africa in the near future.   We need a miracle here.  He walks in faith, and we need to help this couple.  Deon and Rynette are highly skilled and valuable people in His Kingdom.  Any gift to the ministry will assist us in putting food on their table.  Thank you for your help in this regard.


The more we bless, empower and expand, the more the cry of desperation comes our way.  Apart from people in need, we have leaders in need.  Let us go where He sends us.  I have specific voices from Russia and Siberia.  Yes, it is in these utmost places where God is willing to pour out His Spirit.  Man sometimes determines what a bad investment is.  God pours out His Spirit where man will never invest his money.  He loves nations, and your prayer will help us make key decisions on how, when, and where we ought to be.


God’s voice is calling nonstop.  He is calling for the church to find Him on her knees.  I will update you on this command in a separate mail.  Two extremely important Upper Room gatherings are finalized.  I am again busy with pastors to see how we can raise the sleeping giant, called the church.  Watch out for separate news on the command, “Back to the Upper Room.”


A man is not finished when he is defeated.  He is finished when he quits.

Galations 6:9; And let us not be weary in well doing:  for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

The man who makes no mistakes does not normally make anything.

Psalm 37:24; Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; for the Lord upholdeth him with His hand.

Pursuing Him, For He Pursued me,

Andre van Zyl


Dear Partner, …


Dear Partner,

     What a joy to greet you from the soil of Africa.  Jesus is alive and that is the foundation of our lives.  I love you dearly and invite you to join us for another year in touching the lives of people. I am in South Africa, and we started 2012 on a high.  I am ministering a powerhouse of potential world shakers in the form of an advanced training school for pastors.  We expect over 700 pastors for an evening of empowering.  I am also interviewing 20 plus pastors for expanding their churches and the planting of several new churches. We are visiting two orphanages and are also looking into a new model of how to help orphans by putting them into normal households. 


     Our prayers are for 2012 to be a very unique year to you and your family.  He is your source, and I pray that even in the midst of challenging times ahead, God will still be your source and comfort.  The world is going through troubling times, but God is our solid foundation.  I pray over you daily and know that He is our only answer.  You and I began this year by His Grace, and that same Grace will be the completion of the year for you and your family. 


     Unanswered prayers are not an unfamiliar term to all of us.  In Luke 1, we find Zacharias a righteous man.  He and his wife were older people, and in verse 13, the angel announced to them that their prayer was answered.  This was a prayer that both of them forgot about, and they gave up on God to answer this prayer.  Remember, this answered prayer had to happen in the natural God given cycle God ordained for any woman to have a child.  This is a powerful thought.  God answered the couple’s prayer by sending the answer when the season for such a miracle had passed.  Once we realize what happened, one can almost explode with excitement for only God can do such a thing.  God has the ability to answer a prayer even when the natural condition is against it.  Our landscape of circumstances can never withhold God from answering our prayers. 

     Do you have forgotten prayer requests?  Have you made peace with your circumstances and become familiar with the thought that your prayer was not heard by God.  Maybe the enemy told you that you do not qualify.  God answered their prayer at a time they probably forgot they have ever prayed that prayer.  Nothing is ever to late, to big or impossible for God.  Remember, this boy will carry the name of John, and John was the one to announce Jesus.  The reason for your one outstanding prayer is because God has a greater miracle in the making.  A delay by God in answering your prayer has something to do with a greater miracle in the making. 

The muzzled tongue

     We are still in Luke chapter one.  We find Zacharias having a hard time to believe that God can give him a son when the season is gone.  Verse 18 says, “How shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife is well advanced in years”.

     The birth of John was so key to God that we find a major intervention in verse 20.  This verse says, “But behold, you will be mute and not able to speak until the day these things take place, because you did not believe my words which will be fulfilled in their own time.” 

     There is definitely power in the tongue.  God answering the prayer of Zacharias was something to big for Zacharias to understand.  In order for John to be birthed, God had to muzzle the tongue of this righteous man.  Yes, even righteous people can stop God’s best from happening.   God does not like when we disagree on something He announced will happen.  God saw John in the future and decided to move man out of the way in order to make sure His desires were fulfilled.  

     The realities of our lives make sense to us as long as nothing extraordinary happen.  When the angel announced they will have a son, it was an extraordinary message that did not fit the landscape of their age.  In their mind, their age was against the birthing of another child.  Yes, they could possibly remember the prayer, but the age of their bodies made the thought of a son impossible.  Many of us will deal with realities that no man can wish away in 2012.  Many will have major challenges, but 2012 could be the year when God will deliver miracle sons that will stun us to be mute as we will view His Glory in demonstration. 


The year 2012 will be the year in which God will deliver miracles in spite of how negative our life may be.  I pray that by the end of 2012, many of our dear partners will have to admit that God did something in 2012 you never thought could ever happen again.  I decree over your life today:

  • This year will bring forth miracles that will stun you to the point of muteness.
  • God will do things beyond your understanding.
  • God will deliver things of which your neighbors will have to admit it is a blessing from God.
  • God will reinstall lost seasons and answer prayers you forgot you ever prayed.
  • God will do the impossible in spite of your weak faith.

Two pregnancies linked for a divine purpose

     Your life is linked to the most incredible thing you can ever imagine.  It was never about John but about Jesus.  The thing God plans to do by answering your prayer is to link your miracle to a greater miracle.  Yes, your life can be the stepping stone God will use to accomplish the greater.  The pregnancy of Elizabeth, the wife of Zacharias, came in their latter years.  The next pregnancy, the one of Mary, came from divine intervention as Mary never new a man as you will find in Luke 1:34. Yes, this was all about the birth of Jesus.  In verse 36, God told Mary that Elizabeth is also pregnant and it is as if God gives Mary this sign as a confirmation to her own pregnancy.  Two women pregnant with two boys that will be prophetically linked for a greater purpose.  This is so divine.  In John Chapter one, it was John that announced Jesus by saying, “There is the Lamb of God”.  John never feared to announce the arrival of Jesus.  John was never afraid that his own reputation would be in danger.  John was birthed by God to announce Jesus.  Whatever God plans to do through you this year is to rejoice over, for your answer to prayer will bless you, and it will have something to do with that. 

A kindred spirit – John leaped hearing Mary’s voice

     In Luke 1:41, Mary entered the house of Elizabeth, and when Elizabeth heard that greeting, the child in her leaped.  John, still an unborn child, already felt the link between Mary and Elizabeth.  Yes, there was a link between the two boys even before they were born.  When you see how significant their relationship was once grown up, you will understand that God was in control all the time.

     His hand on us is so significant that we should expect something to happen in our lives every day.  Never underestimate the stirring of His Holy Spirit in you.  God knows His own desires for you.  He will never forget you or your prayers and still plan to bless you with the ultimate blessing, no matter what your circumstances are.

He will be called John

     The custom was to give the son the name of the father.  This custom did not last for God intervened.  Let us allow God to intervene in our traditions and customs and allow God to call names as He sees fit.  Zacharias was a good man and a good name, but God was in need of a John the Baptist.  Allow your life to supply God with what He wants and not what our customs demand.  In verse 60 of Luke chapter one, Elizabeth made it clear when she said, “he will be called John”.

He is John – On a Tablet

Zacharias is still mute in verse 63.  They asked him what he had to say. They thought he would keep the tradition and name the boy after himself.  He wrote on a tablet and said,  ‘His name is John”.  Now, Zacharias broke away from the custom and tradition of his day  and made it clear this son will not carry his name but carry the name God ordained for this boy to have.  This is so powerful. 

The power of agreeing with God – Loosened Tongue

     Luke 1:64.  The moment Zacharias wrote on a tablet for he could not speak yet, agreeing with what God desired and called the boy John, his tongue was set loose.  People praised the Lord and asked in verse 66 the question: “What kind of child will this be?.  Amazing!  Zacharias finally agreed with the name and his tongue was set loose.  God considers our tongue such a powerful instrument that He will muzzle the tongue that does not agree with His plan. 

     Let us bring our tongue and our confessions in line with His divine plan, for God has a great plan in the making.  Let us not force God to do business according to our customs, regulations or traditions.  Learn to agree with what He has in store, for what He plans for our lives is so remarkable that we cannot imagine.  He is an awesome God, and He is ready to give us fruit and blessings that will expose us to more incredible miracles we can ever imagine.  Allow 2012 to be the year where you allow Him to orchestrate your life in order to introduce you to a new way of thinking in spite of your challenges. 

     Outside the season of opportunities, He operates.  When all odds are against you, He works at His best.  Bring your tongue under control, for He will do what you have never seen before.  He is God, and He can do things when the season for that thing is over.  He gave Sarah a child at the age of 90.  Who can argue with God when He does these things? Abraham was 100 years old at that time.  He did this no matter what man said. 

     Our lives are to His Honor, and He chooses in a sovereign way what He wants.  When He orders it, no age can stop Him.  

I decree again that 2012 will be the year when God will intervene in the landscape of people’s lives and He will do things that is unheard of.  Put a hold on your tongue for you will have reason to disagree.  This is the year our God wants to establish honor for Himself.  It is the year where He will call things names and ordain people to positions of honor for he took control of the landscape of life.  It is time for the John’s to be birthed, for it is the John type of people that will announce the greatness of God.  Jesus is the one, and we need more modern day John’s that will honor Jesus for He alone deserve all honor.

Be an announcer of the greatness of God. 


USA Local Churches

     I believe God has something very powerful in place for many American churches.  Make sure you come to meetings close to you.  We plan to empower many and add fresh new teachings during all our meetings that will strengthen and empower the local church.  Many new materials will be made available. 

New Church Plants in Africa

     We are interviewing 20 pastors and how we can help them to expand their churches.  These specific churches are all to be found in rural areas and will be done through our tent plant program.  In Nigeria, the Muslims burned many churches during the 2011 Christmas season.  Let us expand the church and do it with haste before evil forces take over land where we should have invested first.  They may burn our churches but they can never burn Christ in us.  The reason the Muslims burn churches is because the planting of churches is a direct threat to the kingdom of darkness. 

Empowering African Leaders

     Empowering leaders and training them are crucial.  I will be involved in training several times during the next year.  I am now committed to help with the training of 700 plus leaders in South Africa.  Your seed is making this happen. 

Leaders in Africa, Russia, and Siberia

     God just opened doors to help leaders in the above mentioned nations.  This is major.  Pray partners.  Most people do not want to go to some of these places.  When the cry for help comes, who will ignore that cry.  I am in consultation with pastors from South Africa and one from Korea to see how I can assist them in reaching out to these nations.  Only God and our partners will get me there.  Your seed will now touch Russia and Siberia. 

African Orphans

     Needless to say how Jesus cares for children.  I mentioned to you earlier in this letter about these children, and YES, these orphans are high on our agenda in 2012.  Jesus is alive, and with breath in our lungs, we will go and go and go and go.  In Isaiah 6:8, His word says:  “Whom shall I send, And who will go for US?”  Our answer to that is simple, “send me Lord”. 


“Forgiveness is the fragrance the flower leaves on the heel of the one who crushed it.”  David Jeremiah

We to often love things and use people, when we should be using things and loving people.  Romans 12:10 NIV;  Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.


I would rather fail in the cause that someday will triumph than triumph in a cause that someday will fail.

2 Cor: 2:14;  Now thanks be unto God, which always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

Pray for our safe return.  I look forward to see you in 2012.  Come say hello in the meetings and remind me that you are a partner.  I love you and know He takes care of you, your family and your dreams.

 In Awe of Jesus!

Andre van Zyl