A Cry for the Lost

Passionate greetings to friends and partners,

Knowing Jesus is life and outside of Him; nothing is or can give life.  Our message is Jesus and that’s the message we will proclaim till the end.  I come to you with a renewed passion like never before.  Let us pursue His heart. The world is a wonderful place as long as you have Jesus in your life.  Having said that: we also need to be alert that we have a mission while on this earth. Let us pursue that with renewed zeal and passion.

I find David, in 2 Samuel 9, crying out to someone out there that could be in need. David was severely chased by Saul, who hated him, and now he comes and asked specifically to help someone from the house of Saul.

2 Samuel 9:1 Now David said, “Is there still anyone who is left of the house of Saul, that I may show him the kindness for Jonathan’s sake?”  

A remarkable thing happened here.  David, in the light of what Saul did to him, could have hated Saul, but he chose to seek specifically someone from the house of Saul to bless.  David referred to his covenant relationship with Jonathan when he asked to bless someone from the house of Saul.  Jonathan was the son of Saul but chose to go into a covenant with David. David who is now the king of Israel is willing to bless the lineage of Saul, the one who threw spears at him. David was in a covenant with Jonathan, and he felt an urgency to bless someone because of this covenant. They found Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan who was lame in both his feet. David was a warrior himself and known as one that had an eye to identify warriors.  David will now embrace a son that was lame in both his feet.  Amazing how passion can change you to embrace what you would have rejected in the past. David sent out a rescue team to pick up Mephibosheth and brought him to his house.

In 2 Samuel 9, we read about how David, in no unclear terms, told Mephibosheth three times that he will eat bread at his table.  In verse seven, David said you will eat at my table continually.  In verse ten, David used the word always and in verse eleven, David said that you will eat at my table like the son of a king. This speaks volumes of our Heavenly Father and Jesus.

Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary for humanity and became a Jonathan to us in many ways. God has in covenant with His Son Jesus and because of Jesus; we as a human race lame in so many ways have access to the throne of the Father.  Because of His death, God the Father is now on a seeking expedition to seek and save those that which is lost.  He has a passion to find lost and dying people out there, and His love for the world is amazing.  Why is heaven passionate to touch humanity?  Because of Jesus.  That is why I said, in the beginning, that our passion for Jesus needs to be stronger than ever before.  He, Jesus, is the reason why our Heavenly Father is passionately seeking for humanity to come to the table of salvation, healing and deliverance. Jesus, the Jonathan from Heaven is the sole reason why God the Father is so passionate to touch a lost and dying world.  Let us always be aware of the incredible death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus on that Cross.  The Good News Bible talks about that Cross. The Cross of Calvary and what happened there is the sole reason why we have a mandate to proclaim this wonderful Gospel of hope and salvation to humanity.


There is a constant cry for the lost.  From the altars of Heaven, there are constant cries for souls.  People are His only heartbeat.  People are His agenda and people alone.  He did not die for anything else but people.  Our constant run after “things” is an empty attempt to satisfy something that needs no satisfaction.  What is it that will please our deepest inner most being?  Our deepest should cry out for the salvation of humanity.  This will only be your cry if you get His heart-beat within your chest.  His cry is a cry that never goes weak.  Let us hear the cry of the Spirit.  Ask Holy Spirit just once to get you to shy away from the everyday run after the stuff of this world, and let us once and for all get His heartbeat for what really matters, namely PEOPLE.


Let us renew our vows and refocus on the task ahead like never before.  I just returned from a lengthy and challenging tour in Africa.  The harvest was great.  God healed and touched so many people.  Thousands of stories, all so good, emerged from these meetings.  The Holy Spirit does things at a speed we cannot explain. We just proclaim the Gospel, and He completes the work in the hearts of the people.

We need The Holy Spirit to revive the vision to plant more churches.  Never steer away from expanding His Kingdom. We need hundreds of tents for hundreds of villages and rural areas.



Are you at a breaking point in life? Have you seen brokenness, devastation, and hurt and simply do not know why you had to go through what you had to go through? Why do things go wrong one after the other?  Why so much dirt in my life? That could be your question. Dirt in the form of brokenness, hurt confusion etc. will ultimately make sense in the end. The Bible says, God gives beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning.  Dirt is from where nature produces its beauty.  The same dirt that you, so many times, thought is from the enemy will become the very breeding ground of your next miracle. This comes to you highly recommended, as some Pastors who heard this sermon told me this is the best they heard in years.  It is relevant as so many live in the midst of so many challenges, and they need to know that God is still with them even when so called “dirt” rule their lives.

This CD will be available for ordering the end of April, 2014.


The Upper room gathering in Enola that ended six days ago were one incredible experience.  The presence of the Lord were extremely strong.  Pastors from many churches attended this gathering as well as people from all over Pennsylvania.  We had several from other states that drove and flew in.  Some were baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Some were miraculously healed and the testimonies is still coming in as I write. The overwhelming response is that the Lord is setting us up for something great in the future.  A new date will soon be finalized for another similar Upper Room gathering in Pennsylvania for 2015. The Lord is giving us fresh strategy for the upcoming Upper Room conferences in order to make it even more effective and purposeful


Mercy Gate Church
Pastor Donald and Jonna Gibson
Mont Belvieu, Texas
September 18 – 19

Potters House
Pastor Tim Oldfield
Columbus, Ohio
November 6 – 7


Victory Christian Center

Pastor Lock Beachum

April 27 – April 29

Youngstown, OH

(330) 759-2900


Central Assembly of God

Pastor Brad du Bose

May 4 – May 6

Angleton, TX

(979) 849-1208

Liberty Worship Center

Pastor Todd Martin

May 11 – May 13

Xenia, OH

(937) 372-0279

Hurricane Church

Pastor Bryan Matthews

May 18 – May 20

Culloden, WV

(304) 562-9168

Our prayers will cover you and your family.  Let us run this race and expand His glorious Kingdom on the earth.

Joyfully His,

Andre van Zyl




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