Dear Partner and Friend,

What a God we serve!  Angels bow before Him, Heaven and Earth adore Him and we, belong to Him.  My message to you comes from the soil of Africa.  I am here because of you, and I see His glorious acts manifesting before my eyes. Jesus is simply amazing.


To have a passion for the things that matter to Him, we must move in the Spirit with Him.  Unless our heart comes into harmony with what is in His heart, we will never understand His passion. Several months ago, I stood in front of probably one of my largest altar crowds ever.  This happened in Africa.  In one split second I had an experience I never had before and did not expect.  I saw millions of people coming into the Kingdom of God and then I “smelled” them.  Yes, you hear me right.  I stood in a harvest field and smelled the harvest. It was not a bad smell or a human smell.  It was more the smell of “hunger” after them.  I immediately found in my heart an intense passion for souls.  I felt like a Lion that could run into Africa and take captive millions of people for God’s Kingdom.

I asked the Lord what that was while standing in front of these people as I never felt that way before. I heard Him say: “I have just allowed you to have My nostrils on you for a moment and smell the hunger after the African people in my heart”.  This was an experience I never heard of or thought of.  Needless to say; since that day, a fresh fire exists in my heart to help and support people in need. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to work, dream and accomplish through us His desires for humanity.

Can you imagine that the Creator of Heaven and Earth who balances all the galaxies out there is willing to include us in the plan of how to reach millions for Christ? The message is Jesus, and that Cross.  Nothing less or more: Jesus and that Cross.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will light a fresh fire also in your heart for Jesus and that Cross. My soul loves this hunger fresh after the power that emerges from that Cross.


Colossians 2:15 (Good News Edition):

…and on that cross Christ freed Himself from the power of the spiritual rulers and authorities; He made a public spectacle of them by leading them as captives in his victory procession. 

This is such a powerful scripture.  I love this translation that says: “and on that Cross”.  What Jesus did on that cross cannot be told in full by man.  One day in Heaven, we will have a better understanding of the power of what happened on that Cross.  Satan had it planned out how he would humiliate Jesus and take over the reign of humanity.   Jesus freed Himself and what the devil meant to be a humiliation for Jesus; He turned out to be a session in which Jesus stripped him of all his powers. The Word then says, He made a public spectacle of Satan.  There is a CD called “Trophies of Christ’s victory” that deals with this.  Try to order this CD from our ministry office. Jesus turned the cross experience into a victory for you and me.

On that Cross, Jesus took care of every human being ever being alive on this earth.  Our mind’s can never imagine this but this is what it is.  Let us preach about this cross as this is the only hope for humanity.  It is because of that Cross that you and I are friends and partner together in getting this Gospel out towards the ends of the earth.  Thinking about this, it lights a fresh fire in me to run stronger and more intense.


Bible Training for Pastors


I invite you to a powerful gathering of history makers coming up this October. Join me and many others as we seek His face in these meetings.  Join us as a team that will enter the Nations.  Rick Pino and Robert Sterns will do worship and that promises to extremely powerful.  Pat Schatzline and Tommy Reid will speak at the evening services with me.  I need as many partners there as possible. Now is the time to strategize more than ever.


Four years ago this week marks the time when God showed up and showed out in my life! I was delivered from a lifestyle of pornography, both addicted to watching it and taking part in it. Prostitution (I worked as a dancer at a gentlemen’s club) all sorts of sexual sin, perversion, and most of all, lack self-worth. I was called out by a powerful prophetic minister, out of a huge congregation by my sin to be prayed for. Thankfully, God’s Grace and tender love pulled on my heart until I finally answered the call to go down and get prayed for. That night change my life forever. I walked out of the church feeling like a brand new person. I looked through my eyes and saw the world like I never had before. These past four years have been the best journey of my life. I am not ashamed of where I have come from because it is my testimony of how God can pull someone out of such a dark place and show you that His Mercy and Grace does abound. I thank God every single day for loving me and keeping me safe while I was literally living in hell on earth. His Grace is sufficient! And no matter where you are today, he is able to pull you out! ~ If any man be in Christ he is a new creature. Old things are passed away, behold all things become new.


There is a word for that. You can never have an issue that He does not cover. Naaman had Leprosy and needless to say, he was in trouble. The Syrians took a little girl captive, and she told her mistress that she knows a prophet who can heal “that leprosy”.  Needless to say, Naaman went and had his own ideas how he will get this healing.  No matter what your need may be, there is a word for that.  No matter how deep the crisis may be, your need is covered.  Make sure you hear this word.  Jesus is Lord of all and He reigns in every aspect of our lives.  Healing is not a stock issue such as in our culture.  We always hear these words on television; you can get this as long as stock last.  Heaven is never out of stock for anything.  When you approach the source of healing, you are covered.  Make sure you sit down and listen to this powerful word.


1. Gentlemen, try not to become men of success. Rather, become men of value. 

The just man walketh in his integrity. Proverbs 20:7

2. The world belongs to the man who is wise enough to change his mind in the presence of facts. 

Whoever heeds correction gains understanding. Proverbs 15:32 NIV

I bless you now and look forward to see you soon in one of our meetings. Come with any problem, issue or sickness you may have for He has an answer for every need.

Shalom from South Africa,

Andre van Zyl


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