Dear Friend,

I call you friend as somehow, somewhere in a meeting we did connect. My mind is doing a world tour as I ponder on the goodness of the Lord where He has taken us and what is to come. I notice changes and challenges as I travel and realize only Jesus can accomplish through us what He ordained to be. I am deeply aware that, unless He strengthens us, we will not accomplish that goal. With that in mind, my heart is going out towards you. Who are you? You are one of those very dear, precious and caring people who felt a connection with us when we met. You may not realize it, but it is simply not possible to get this mission completed without someone like you. I honor you greatly and wish I could have a sit down and do an hour of personal fellowship with you as you are so faithful in your giving.


Divine connections are a reality. Can I be honest with you? A divine connection is not always meeting someone of importance. A divine connection for Elijah was a brook of safety hiding from his enemy and ravens feeding him bread and meat. God then sent him to a widow and she fed him bread. His divine connection this time is a widow. The days are long gone by that divine connections are only when the high and mighty comes by. I feel a constant draw to people that are forgotten. These forgotten, pushed aside people, need the Lord and He will be their divine connection or He will send us to be a divine connection for them when they are in need.

I want every dear partner to know that your friendship and support is a divine intervention of God to us and my prayer is that the Lord will help me to always treat you with such respect for who you are. Help us, Oh Lord, to see the value of people the way you see them.

In John chapter 5 verse 4, a man laid at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years. When the angel stirred the water for healing, man failed to get him in the water on time. Then Jesus showed up at the pool. One moment connecting with Jesus can undo 38 years of frustration. His frustration was that he has always been too late for the healing moment. Needless to say, a Jesus moment changed it all when Jesus commanded him to rise up, take his bed, and walk.

Together we are divinely connected to be the extended hand to those who need us to tell them about Jesus. Let’s do it.


This is what we do. Going, going, going. The stream of Living water keeps coming, and I am amazed at how the gifts of the Holy Spirit flow from one church to another. The road is truly our home; not always easy but that is what it is. Having over 100 flights this year makes you think. I find myself tired at times to the point of wanting to take a break but then His strength comes over me and there I go again. God is doing amazing things on the road. Abraham did not know but did it by faith. I am going, but seeing the Glory of our Father on the road. Again, it is your love and support seed what makes me keep going all the time. Thank you my dear friend.



This great nation has opened up to us and is hungry for the Gospel. We have leaders in the church that influence the government as I speak. We are busy bringing church leaders together to start the planning process for a crusade as well as other needs to be addressed. They speak Swahili as well as English.

A very dear Pastor friend just mailed me a detailed letter concerning the training needs of students in Kenya. There are approximately 8,000 students at this very moment. The needs concerning their training are a mammoth task. I will not even try to give you the detailed list of needs. If we can equip these young leaders, we can raise an army that will surely bring in the harvest in Kenya.



This is the largest country on the continent of Africa and wide open for the Gospel. Pentecost was brought into this country by the late Adini Abala. He met Jesus as His savior in the mid-sixties under the ministry of T L Osborne. His wife, Heleen Abala, is now the head of the church, and the doors are wide open. The city’s capitol is Kinshasa with a population of 12 million people.

We are planning a crusade in Kinshasa, and thousands of leaders could be involved. The Lord has provided very good interpreters as the local language is French. Kenya and the Congo are a massive task ahead not only for crusades but also for adopting hundreds if not thousands of needy African pastors for training and equipping to bring in the harvest of souls. Pray that God will provide us with all the needs we may need as well as the wisdom how to go about these open doors.


Pastor Frikkie Spies

Pastor Frikkie Spies

Pastor Frans Human

Pastor Frans Human

These two pastors will visit Kenya and the Congo in July this year on my behalf to work with leaders in preparation for our planned crusades as well as how to train leaders and bring them into our Global Legacy family of world leaders.


This mission is an ongoing one. The church of Jesus can be found in modern buildings in first world countries but in other places, they meet under a tree. The Holy Spirit has no preference to what your location looks like. Yes, a simple tent that we may overlook in our world becomes the place where the believers meet to worship the King. Let us not lose touch with reality. Let us not become so prideful in what we have and look down on those who are lost and poor. Help us to help more leaders to at least invite their poor congregation to a place of worship in the middle of nowhere.

Some of my dear missionary friends putting up another tent. Inspirational!

Islam has their eyes on Africa. Many churches have been burned down. The good news is that Africa has become the very place where Christianity is growing the fastest. Let us win Africa for the Lord before Islam can offer them a counterfeit. Jesus is the conqueror of all nations.


I am scheduled to visit this desert land for one month. Thank you for your prayers.


LEGACY logo 12

The venue for this conference will be Victory Christian Center, Youngstown, Ohio; http://theresaplaceforyou.com. This is the first official conference of Legacy. This is a newly born Global Network for pastors. You may read much more about this on the new web site that should be available within a month. Web address will be www.LegacyLLL.tv. It is time. God used the three hundred men of Gideon to bring victory to Israel. Join us in our pursuit of Jesus, and let us allow Him to make us as the three hundred men of Gideon who has a “different” spirit.

Pastor David L Thomas and I will use the Thursday morning session to explain and share the vision on Legacy. I invite pastors and younger generation leaders to join us the morning of May 23 and join hands in taking the land. Let us get our feet in the water and bring thousands into their destiny and Promised Land of ministry. The web site www.LegacyLLL.tv will soon be available for registration.

Our guest speakers are Bishop Joseph Garlington and Robert Stearns. Make sure you join me in this great “Launch Conference” and please feel free to come over to me and say hello. Make sure you mention that you are a partner as I would love to pray for you.

Bishop Joseph Garlington


ROBERT STEARNS - Guest Speaker

ROBERT STEARNS – Guest Speaker














Pastor’s David and Andre will do an introduction to Legacy as a Global Kingdom Alliance the Thursday morning.


What and who is Legacy?

LEGACY is A Global Kingdom Alliance that exists to encourage authentic generational relationships through a culture of honor, empowering and releasing healthy servant leadership through gift-oriented ministry and Spirit-led living.


Sound of Rain

Life has a sound. Elijah, God’s prophet, announced rain based on sound. No one else heard it. Why? This sound existed only in heaven when he announced it. Your landscape may look like a disaster and drought may have destroyed your future, but the sound of your breakthrough already exists in heaven. Can you hear it? Elijah told Ahab to go eat and drink for abundance of rain is coming. Abundance? Yes, even the size and measure of your so desperately needed blessing can be heard in heaven. Once this exists, it will come. If we can only hear what already exist in heaven, we should change our attitude concerning our daily challenges. Your breakthrough, healing, provision or blessing is a fact; as it already makes a sound that will soon manifest in your everyday life. Watch the sky, for the first sign of your provision is about to become evident. This is a must get CD.

Launching, Living, leaving a Legacy,

Pastor Andre van Zyl




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