Special greetings to you. Yes, you are so special.

I am constantly amazed at who our Lord Jesus is and how He orchestrates our lives even when we think He is absent. Let me encourage you right at the beginning of this letter. God is not absent, nor is He undercover. He is and will always be obvious in all we do if we can only open our eyes.

I feel such a stirring to encourage and prepare the way for all to understand that God is ready to perform His promises. Every year has four natural seasons, but there are also spiritual seasons in the Lord. We need to focus on that.


This is what The Word teaches us. His thoughts are higher than ours as the heavens are higher than the earth. 2012 was the 12th year of us residing in the USA and traveling into the nations. Yes, it was a year in which I had to use the faith He gave me to the utmost, but He still has been faithful. In my heart, I always had that one outstanding awareness that there is more to explore. I almost made peace that what I accomplished was it, and I needed not ask for more. You may feel that way and still, God has a blooming season ahead for you. Time is what we use to structure our lives. We set times and cut off dates for all we do as it helps us work in an ordained and structured manner. We know how important it could be to be at a certain place at a certain time as that time could be a significant moment in your life.

God’s timing is also something to keep in mind. He loves to work on a clock that He calls “suddenly”, and we do not always understand that. When a suddenly comes it is always unexpected as that is determined by God. A sure thing to observe is His promise for the Globe is at a pivotal moment where we can expect something wonderful from heaven. 2012 was a year that I was fortunate to be part of major developments concerning Apostolic leadership and sometimes felt God is really asking too much as I felt stretched to the point of feeling vulnerable. Feeling vulnerable is where He comes in. Abraham, on his way to the promise God gave him, felt foreign at times. This is where you and I could be touching the impossible. Needless to say, 2012 was a year of which I can certainly say that His promises came into full bloom.


There are many moments and time slots in our lives that we can determine a God moment. I remember about three years ago how I allowed my spirit and mind to capture His heart and how I observed the church world as a large platform. I sensed His heartbeat and picked up on what is crucial to Him. In that moment, I felt to do something, and that was when God told me the following: “Do not do anything; for there is too much still in my way and that need to go before I can move”. God sometimes waits for us to disappear from the scene and then He comes in and does the impossible in one so called ‘suddenly” that we could not get done in years. I love it when God comes in when the time is in full bloom. He does the extraordinary without man’s help after man tried for years to fabricate a God thing when it was just not the time.

I learned something. There are times that we can fabricate something and call it GOD. It may impress some, but it is not a heaven kissed event. When a Kairo’s, God moment comes it carries all the trademarks of a divine intervention on it. You and I may operate in the perfect Will of God for years and then suddenly in the middle of being in His Will, something clicks and God gives you a God-Kissed moment. It is this moment that we all wait for as we all so desperately want only His 100% approval upon our lives. I most probably sound very prophetic in my writing but that is what I sense in my heart. We are right there to see His Glory manifested as never before. The time is in full bloom.


Dreaming is not really you. God made the earth and the fullness thereof. God has a plan and He will fulfill that plan through human beings such as us. Joseph had several dreams, and he became very unpopular in the eyes of his brothers for this dream. The truth is, God will use Joseph, but it is all about what God Himself wants to see happen. It was God dreaming through Joseph.

Joseph went through much trouble and turmoil as he had to go via a detour road to accomplish this dream. When he landed up in the pit and then Potiphar’s house and then the prison, he probably had many questions. Yes, Joseph was on track and in the perfect Will of God. Still; it remained a challenge. The Kairo’s moment was on its way for Joseph. Remember that it was Pharaoh who saw the gift in Joseph and appointed him over the land of Egypt. Your Kairo’s moment when God will give you the greatest promotion ever could be fulfilled in an extreme earthly place. Never underestimate God’s ability to perform your miracle in the most obscure places.

Joseph, now being appointed second in charge of Egypt, was major. God just brought the dream Joseph had into full bloom. The arrival of the perfect blossom season of God’s promise took many years. Now Joseph lives in the full manifestation of the promise. Living in this season of your life is important. Remember that it is still not your dream, but His. Many times, when God fulfills our dreams, we have the tendency to become proud and puffed up to a point that others find it difficult to communicate with us. Joseph did the opposite. He was in tears when he saw his brothers and immediately sent wagons to bring Jacob his father where he was.  His treated his own brothers as royalty. I present a statement that was posted recently on face book as it fit right in here.

When the Joseph journey in your own life is completed and the dream in full bloom, it will benefit those that even resist it such as the brothers who threw Joseph in the pit. The TIME IS IN FULL BLOOM for many Joseph dreams worldwide to be fulfilled and millions, whether they understood it or not, will benefit. It is never about being recognized but to go ahead, walk it out and let THE BENEFITS OF YOUR REIGN IN FOREIGN LAND SUCH AS JOSEPH, BLESS OTHERS. Others should feel His Divine favor upon their lives because of your walk in obedience.

Notice the last words of the above statement: “Others should feel His Divine favor upon their lives because of your walk in obedience”. Help us Jesus that we always reflect you and you alone.

We are living in great and exciting times. Africa is exploding as the harvest comes in daily. This is a season of many Joseph dreams worldwide to be fulfilled. Yes, that dream in your own heart is about to be fulfilled. Remember the promise is in full bloom. The fragrance of His goodness is about to be released over your family. I love you dearly and pray and release this over you.


Great things are happening in the meetings. I have been in ministry for almost 33 years and am refreshed when I see how this Joseph gift in full bloom restores, heals and delivers people. Tears of joy and brokenness flows in the meetings as people realize God cares and knows them by heart. I can honestly say that we see a full blossom of The Holy Spirit’s ability in the meetings as He delivers and sets free.


I just returned from Africa and what a joy it is to have seen all my dear friends in Jesus. Let us empower Pastors thousands of miles away from us and let us empower these men and women to plant even more churches in 2013.

January Tent Plant

 This is a portion of a new tent just delivered. To God all praise.


Many of you are aware that we have blessed the children and staff of this house in the past. Just before Christmas, this place burned to the ground. Here is our dear friend Merle’s report. Let us support and help them rebuild and restore what the enemy tried to steal from them.

Hallo Pastor Andre,

All the best for 2013.

We are slowly but surely getting back on our feet. The past six weeks has been especially taxing.

On December 7 our home burned to the ground. There is absolutely nothing left of it. There was an electrical short which started the fire; I emptied 2 industrial fire extinguishers on the fire to no avail, sustained light burn wounds in the process. Praise God it happened in the morning and not at night, because then we would have lost the lives of all the children, if not our own too. Within 5 minutes of the power ‘tripping’ the entire house was engulfed in flames and thick black smoke from the thatching. The children were all congregated in the lounge area, standing in line to bath. So we could evacuate them quickly. Chloe was in the shower, so she came out with only a towel on her back.

We lost absolutely everything we had ever owned and we were not insured, so it was like a double whammy!!!!!!! Two of our dogs also perished in the fire, and to top it off I broke my right hand on Christmas day and had to be operated on 2 January 2013. For 9 days we “squatted” with other people the kids enjoyed the “sleep over” for the 1st couple of days, but then started asking when we are going home. The property will have to be rebuilt which outside of our decision making as we only is rented the building.

We found another property to rent in Joostenberg vlakte and moved in there on December 15. It costs R 15 000 ($1650 plus/minus) per month to rent, but was the only property we could find at such short notice and with enough space to accommodate so many people. It is situated on 4 hectare of ground, so much bigger than what we had. It is part of a deceased estate, but there is a long term rental option available. The owner is only considering selling it in about 5 years, so we trust that we will have enough funds available by then to purchase the property. The owner has also agreed that we can make alterations etc., within reason, as long as we get written permission from the Executor of the Estate. We have spent quite a bit of money there already, as we had to fence the property to secure safety. We fitted ceiling fans to most of the rooms, as the asbestos roof gets very hot and as you are aware here is no air condition.

What the enemy has meant for our destruction, our God has turned around for good. We were blessed with so much from the public. God provided diapers and formula for all the children within an hour of the fire as people came from all over to help. We received a gift of R 3500 ($380) to purchase basic groceries. We were blessed with furniture. Someone gave us 2 fridges. We were also blessed with a new washing machine and God even send people to bring us toys for all the kids to play with. That is how awesome our God is.

My mom is a trained trauma counselor and immediately counseled the little ones. They are all doing well. Because all our office equipment and school material burnt down we now trust the Lord to provide so that we can get all our children back on track in their training. We lost our Grade R curriculum in the fire as well, and I simply do not have the funds to replace it all. They have settled in well at a school nearby and really enjoy going. They attend classes until 13h30 every day and then we go home. The older children are still being home schooled and we are in the process of replacing all the books they have lost. We have to do this a bit at a time as it is not cheap. Praise God that they are allowed to continue on with their work (as per the last books I ordered at the end of 2012, and we only received when the schools reopened), and don’t have to repeat the work they had done already.

Micah 7:8 says: “Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I SHALL arise; when I sit in darkness, Jehovah will be a light unto me.”

Like a phoenix rise from the ashes, The Rays of Sunshine has risen and we will continue to rise! Well that is the long and the short off what has been happening with us.

Many blessings


Babies in Bath

Children at House of Sunshine taking a bath – their house just burned down


On February 18, 2013 my colleague Frans Human and I will be flying to
Kenya for 7 days for a Good News Crusade and Pastors’ Leadership
Conference. The Crusade and Conference will be in the City of Kisii,
approximately 350 km from the Capital Nairobi and near to the Lake

We are doing this on behalf of our dear friend and man of God, Pastor
Andre van Zyl from the USA. During our visit in the great country of
Kenya we will meet with Pastors and Church Leaders from Kenya, Uganda
and Tanzania. A meeting with the Prime Minister is also scheduled for
February 25.

We are sons of Africa with a passion for the millions of lost souls
and people in great need. We depend on God and expect a Hugh harvest
of precious souls for the Kingdom.

By the grace of God we will do our utmost to prepare the way for
Pastor Andre van Zyl and his Teams to win Africa for God’s Kingdom in
cooperation with other great men and women of God who are presently
doing great exploits for God in many Countries on this great

We thank you for your prayers.

May God richly bless you.

Pastor Frikkie Spies
El-Shammah Ministries International
South Africa.

Pastor Frikkie Spies


Andre sitting with many African pastors amongst whom he plants most of the tent churches. This picture was taken just before Christmas 2012 as they came to hear Pastor Andre ministering to them.


God will never leave you or forsake you. He will never send you without power or authority. He will prepare you and will then sustain you and will bring you back stronger than ever. He will make you AS GOD TO PHAROAH. These are the exact words God spoke to Moses and Aaron. Ex:7:1 “See, I will make you as God to Pharaoh”. Powerful. When Moses and Aaron stood before Pharaoh God even multiplied His signs. The enemy cannot multiply anything for multiplication is a God thing. God will empower you and multiply His power in your moment of greatest testing and trial. God did this in Egypt which speaks of the world. Your greatest demonstration of who God is, what He can do, and personal promotion will come in the very place where you feel the most vulnerable. You may think you will lose the battle that seems impossible, but it is in that moment that God will change your face and you will shine forth His countenance and your enemy will think it is God standing in front of them. Rejoice; for when you’re in the fiery furnace, you will notice you have divine companionship.


1 God sends no one away except those who are full of themselves.

God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble. 1 Peter 5:5b

2 The best way to teach character is to have it around the house.

A righteous man who walks in his integrity – How blessed are his sons after him. Proverbs 20:7 NASB

I need to say goodbye for now. I almost wrote more as I am so burdened for what God is about to do in the years ahead. I love you and pray you will be blessed until I write you next month. Be blessed now, and remember the time is in full bloom for your promise to be fulfilled.

Your greatest moment is at hand,

Andre van Zyl




1 thought on “THE “TIME” IS IN FULL BLOOM

  1. I am really moved by the passion for souls by all the pastors involved and thank God for them. That said, my passion rather lies with those souls that came in and now need to be taught the truths of Jesus so that they can be true followers rather than fans of Jesus.

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