Exit to Enter

Dear Friend and Partner,

By His grace we are standing strong in our pursuit of the Lord.  He is our source of comfort and for Him we live.  I know that is your passion to and what a joy to come to you with a word to encourage and strengthen you in your pursuit of the Lord.

We all love the Lord and we all follow His voice in our pursuit of what He has in store for us.  Joshua and two million Jews had their testing’s and trials and then they realized there is more than just walking in circles for forty years.  We all arrive at a place in our lives where we realize we are moving but we are not progressive in what we do.  Walking in circles may have you on the move but you are not going anywhere.  How do we get out of that thing that keep us going but we never arrive?  How sad that we walk and walk but never arrive at a place of destiny and greater purpose.  We all seek purpose in life but how do we arrive at that place?

To arrive at a place of significance one sometimes need to make changes.  Changes will bring you to challenges.  Challenges will bring you to obstacles.  Obstacles could get you to going back to where you just came from for why will you follow your dream if it entails trouble.  God spoke to Joshua and told him to lead God’s people out from walking in circles and get them to the Promised Land He had in mind for them. Yes we all know that story but sometimes we need to have another look at it to learn truth for present day challenges.  The Word of God is almost like  a mirror that you can hold up at any given time and find a story in there that reflect your current situation.

God spoke to Joshua very clear in how they should go about and that they need to follow the ark. The Ark is a type of the Holy Spirit and the command was that they should leave a certain distance between them and the Ark in order to know how and where to follow.  Before God revealed the pathway they should follow the Ark.  Only The Holy Spirit knows how to get you there.

Only The Holy Spirit can lead and direct you and me.  Ideas of man could be helpful but unless His Spirit lead and direct us we simply know not.  Once God did that He said something that caught my eyes and I have this in my heart for many years.


In Joshua 3:4b you will find these words … for you have never passed this way before … Your dream is not always where you want it to be. It could be via a road you have never been on before.  Your destiny always entails faith.  You have never gone this way before tells me you will have to believe that it is God all the way for you are on a road with no familiar signs. Why can the Lord not do it where I am aware of how it works and what it takes?  Faith must be involved and in the familiar you and I need not to use faith for the way is familiar.  Faith pleases God and oh how He enjoys it when He sees us running after Him, believing against all odds.

I rather believe a God word in the unknown than man’s promises in the known.  God’s word is a given.  He is the Word.  If His word fails He is a failure and needless to ask, have God ever failed?  No never.  He holds the earth and all the galaxies out there in His hand.  Not one single day did the galaxies tumble or go out of line for He balance them, keep it in place and keep our life’s on track.  He is your one single reason to never doubt.  To enter His perfect plan for our life we need to learn how to exit.  We must exit from the old to enter the new.  Exit does not mean you failed.  To exit from where you were is to know that the time has come to enter the better.  The Promised Land was the land of milk and honey but Israel could not take the old with them.  Exit from where you are sets you up to enter the new.  Exit to enter is something we all need to learn and by doing that we will progressively move with His cloud all the time.


In the next 10 weeks we will plant 15 more tent churches.  Africa celebrates.  These are dear African pastors who labor under the most difficult circumstances.  Let us thank the Lord for our central heating in our modern buildings when these men and women preach this Gospel in these tents.  This is where the poor will come to hear His word. The offerings are almost zero so the local pastor who does this need to work a day job himself.  Amongst these 15 pastors we have two women pastors.  They also pray for America for they are aware this gift to them came from the USA.  Let us rejoice by being able to do this.


One way to speak of the Spirit of Prayer is to understand the meaning of the word “enthusiasm.” The Greek root éntheos means, “to have a god within” or “to be god-possessed!” The Spirit of Prayer is not simply mouthing words before a distant God in hope that He will respond in some favorable way, but rather, it is to be so possessed by the Spirit of God that the words we speak arise from His heart to ultimately bring forth His plans and purposes upon the earth. As Kingdom-minded leaders, it is not enough that we take our prayers to God so that He can hear our voices; instead we must be overtaken with The Spirit of Prayer so that we become His voice to the world. Spurgeon once cried, “We need red-hot, white-hot men who glow with intense heat; whom you cannot approach without feeling that your heart is getting warmer; who burn their way in all positions straight on to the desired work; men like thunderbolts flung from Jehovah’s hand, crashing through every opposing thing, till they have reached the target aimed at; men impelled by Omnipotence!”


Who used this strong language?  The answer is, God.  What made God to swear like this? God gave the reason Himself. “For you have done this thing”.  There is a thing that caused God to use these words.  We do not find God speaking like this every day.  God said “I swear by myself I will bless you”.  Amazing.  The bottom line truth that made God do this was obedience.  Obedience to God is a sacrifice rated extremely high.  Abraham became obedient even when God did not make sense in what He asked. We are all obedient as long as we understand why.  Not Abraham.  He was obedient beyond understanding.  God ask Abraham to do something God was against but, it was a test of Abraham’s faith in God. The act was human sacrifice.  Abraham was willing to do it and then he triggered God to swear at him.  Are you willing to follow God when it does not make sense? If you can answer yes, and do it that will get God’s attention to you.  What Abraham thought he will sacrifice, he never gave.  It was a test.  This CD will encourage you to be faithful no matter what the sacrifice, for in the end it will pay off beyond your wildest dreams..  I highly recommend you to listen to this.


It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred or secular, it is shy he does it.  Whatever you do, work at is with all your heart, as working for the lord, not for men…It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23, 24 NIV

The measure of a man is not what he does on Sunday, but rather who he is Monday through Saturday. …that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work. Colossians 1:10 NIV

Your Friend,

Andre van Zyl



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