Special Greetings to You,

I pray that this letter finds you strong and healthy in Jesus. We are surrounded by so many challenges but we have the answer. God has put words in our mouth that come from our new born spirit to address these challenges.

In Acts chapter three, Peter approached the temple for worship and found a major challenge at the gate, a lame man asking for alms. Many entered the temple that day giving them what they wanted. Peter and John arrived at the temple, and Peter made it clear to the man that he does not have silver and gold. Silver and gold was what he wanted although his needs were resurrected from a lifelong problem.


Many gave this man silver and gold for that is what they had and that was what he wanted. Silver and gold never resurrected him, and although he got what he wanted, they had to give it to him again and again as he would be back at the gate tomorrow for another hand out. Peter could not give him what he asked for. Peter knew he had no money, but he offered him something he had.


The first thing we need to notice is that Peter knew what he did not have. It is so important for us to know where our strength is and where it is not. Not having silver and gold does not make you ineffective. Peter said, I do not have, and then in the same breath he said but, “… what I do have …” Peter now went further and told this man, in the name of Jesus, to rise up and walk. WOW!!! Rise up and walk! Not having silver and gold does not mean we lack in other areas. In fact, if we only had more people who could excel in this area.


The lame man was in a paralyzed condition from his mother’s womb. He never saw himself walking and never asked for resurrection. He must have made peace knowing that he would be in that condition forever. Is it so crucial that we never accept things to be the way they are just because they have been that way for a long time? Do not allow a circumstance that was brought over you or a defect you were born with become your final status. Never allow the wrong to look right when it is in essence a wrong. God has the ability to adjust things in your life that you have never seen in an adjusted way. This is so powerful. There are wrongs in my life that I made peace with not knowing there are higher powers that can adjust that. Being lame from his mother’s womb could have become his motto in life, I was born this way. I was born to be a beggar. I was born to suffer. Someone who understood his authority in Christ stopped this lie at the gate of the temple that day.


Get another opinion. There is more than one option. What you are is not necessarily what a person can become.  Peter walked in a revelation of Christ’s resurrection power that the other people at the temple obviously did not walk in. The house of resurrection needs to live up to its name. Don’t make the house of God a place to beg when it is a place where beggars can be transformed into walkers. Your current status is about to change for God is about to send people into your life. You will be introduced to a revelation you have never walked in or expected. It will come to you because of someone else that walked in that revelation. Always surround yourself with people that can take you higher. Never settle for what you know for there is always another discovery to be made. Never stop pioneering; for in our pioneering we discover new heights and horizons.


Do not wait on things to happen. Peter used the name of Jesus when he said rise up and walk. Then peter did something else that we in this modern day do not always understand. Peter grabbed the man by the hand and lifted him up. He lifted him up for what reason? Peter lifted the man with human strength to the very position he needed to be in to start his new life and new walk. Faith is more than a statement. Faith includes a grab by the hand and a position for a walk. You can quote all the scriptures you may know and still have nothing to show. Position your challenge for a walk. Once Peter positioned this man, life came into the ankle bones. Life did not come after Peter commanded the man to walk. Life came into the ankle bones after the positioning.

Put things in place. Rearrange your life for a power encounter. Change things ahead of time and tell others you position things for what you believe is coming. SAY IT, THEN POSITION IT AND THINGS WILL WALK THAT HAS NEVER WALKED. Do not accept things to be just because you have never seen it differently. No one has ever seen this man walking but Peter made him walk because there is Jesus who can make things operative in your life you have never seen.


Use your imagination. The people were dancing and praising God in the temple when the same man who was paralyzed at the gate of the temple joined them worshipping God. The problem at the gate that no one could ever address is now part of the praise. What a day when the problem at the gate lined up with what we preach from our pulpits.

The power in this message is this: Your greatest challenges that suck you empty will soon join you in celebration never to challenge you again. Today could be the last time you will carry your burden to the temple. Today, your burden will walk home never to burden you again.


God is about to clean up your gates from issues and difficulties for the day of celebration is at hand. You have the authority to decree your gate and let your burden join the praises and let the walk back to freedom begin.


1. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small Proverbs 24:10

2. Trust in yourself and you are doomed to disappointment… trust in money and you may have it taken from you… But trust in God, and you are never to be confounded in time or eternity. It is better to take refute in the Lord than to trust in man Psalm 118:8 NIV


In 1 Kings 20-, Benhadad, king of Syria, threatened Ahab, king of Israel that he will take their wife’s, children as well as their gold and silver. These threats occurred more than once and attacks were launched against Israel. Three times God sent His prophet to give Ahab God’s word. Remember, for every word from God the enemy fabricates “a” word to try and contradict what God said. It is “a” word against “THE” word. God even knew what the enemy spoke in privacy and revealed that to His prophet. The end result is His word will prevail and God will secure your name and your safety. No single word from the enemy can ever undo His word over your life. This CD is crucial in your life.


Never under estimate your seed sown into this ministry. You are a global partner. What we do is what you are; for your seed helps us to go global. I cannot emphasize this truth enough. You are a crucial part of our ministry, and I wish I had the ability to make this clearer than before. Thank you for your support. It may be small but remember every drop of rain adds up. I feel like using the words of the Apostle Paul. “I am in debt to you”. Thank you for eleven faithful years standing with us. Another 11 and I will be into my seventies. Let us run this race and not get weary. God will reward us greatly if we complete the race. I love you dearly my friend. Included is our envelope for your seed to be sent back to our office in Atlanta.


Please take note of our new mailing address. Do not use the previous old envelopes as that post office closed down. The new mailing address is:

PO Box 1027, Dacula, GA 30019

You, I and our God together, are a winning team.

Andre van Zyl




2 thoughts on “SPEAK TO YOUR GATE

  1. I like “dancing with the challenge”. This enthuses the joy of the Lord in your spirit. Joy always speaks of victory. Position yourself – speak to your gate!

  2. Liewe pastoor Andre. Wat ‘n voorreg was dit nie om u te hoor preek nie. U besoek aan Woord en Lewe in Boksburg, Suid Afrika was ‘n lewens veranderende ervaring. Alle eer aan Hom wat u so geseën en gesalf het om met u woorde ‘n verandering in ander se lewens teweeg kan bring. You are truly blessed and your presence here in South Africa on Sunday 22 July 2012 has blessed more people than you would ever know. We praise God for He alone is Worthy and we pray to God for a special blessing over you, your ministry and you family. Amen, amen
    Best regards

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